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Shamanism is no longer reserved for a select few.




It’s a path open to exploration and enjoyment by all.




It’s about integrating shamanic principles into your everyday life, allowing you to thrive.




It’s to gain deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.





It offers ancient wisdom and universal energies for healing and guidance.

Bring Shamanism into your life today

At SunGate, we specialize in creating a sacred space infused with wisdom that seamlessly integrates into your daily life. We recognize that embarking on a new shamanic path doesn’t mean leaving behind your family and lifestyle responsibilities.

With our step-by-step training, workshops, and family-friendly gatherings, we provide a fresh shamanic perspective on life that empowers you to harmonize your individual lifestyle with your spiritual shamanic practice. Our offerings allow you to blend cultural differences and embrace a holistic approach, enabling you to create a balanced and fulfilling routine that aligns with your personal and spiritual journey.

“Beautiful. Life changing. So many memories in such a short time.”
Mike, Ceremony attendee

At SunGate, we provide genuine shamanic wisdom sourced from traditions spanning North and South America. Our teachings are tailored to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, freeing you from the constraints of a rule-bound existence.

Shamanism at SunGate is a connection to source

SunGate serves as a conduit to the source, where individuals can rediscover their true essence and tap into their inner strength, courage  and connection, surrounded with the sacred beauty of nature.

“A truly life changing experience. I am blessed to have met Skie and Red Hummingbird and my life is all the more enriched having them both a part of this journey.”
Angela Hobbs, Retreat participant

Nestled within the breathtaking Kent countryside, SunGate provides a tranquil haven for introspection and deep contemplation. Our serene environment is meticulously crafted to facilitate profound realisations and the seamless integration of intuitive insights. Adorned with exquisite artwork, shimmering crystals, and ethereal essences, our cozy home offers a safe and nurturing space for your spiritual journey.

At SunGate, we invite you to embark on a transformative exploration of endless possibilities. From enriching courses and immersive workshops to enlightening online masterclasses and soul-nourishing guidance, we provide a comprehensive array of offerings to support your spiritual growth. Immerse yourself in the healing melodies of sound therapy, participate in our uplifting fire ceremonies, indulge in the heart-opening experience of Cacao rituals, and explore our curated selection of shamanic products designed to enhance your spiritual practice.


Skie Hummingbird,
Founder of SunGate

Skie is the heart and soul of SunGate, and her work is highly regarded by all as amazing and life changing.

“As a Shaman, I raise vibrations and break down barriers, opening up infinite possibilities for your future. If you’re ready to do the work, let go of the past and lift yourself to a new level, I’ll help you unlock the gate and step through. You’re stronger than you think. You can be more than you realise. And you can change your life beyond anything you can imagine.”

“Using the time-honoured wisdom and techniques of Shamanism, I create space and make time for you. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself, no matter what hardships or traumas you’ve experienced in life. Everyone is valuable. There’s no story that can’t be turned around. Change isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. I’ll walk shoulder to shoulder with you, change your perspective and help you overcome whatever’s holding you back.”

“Healing with Skie or being ‘Skied’ as some call it is a unique journey for the mind and soul. The techniques have helped me shed the pain of the past, given me the confidence to live the life I want, and showed me that no challenge is too much for me to tackle.”
Zoë Kouspetris, Customer

“Discover powerful insights from the wisdom keepers of ancient tribes in South and North America. I’ve walked the path and learnt from the source. From the rainforests of the Amazon to the high peaks of the Andes, I’ve gained knowledge in their traditional ways. Through these life experiences, I’ve created a map for others to follow. There’s a world of enlightenment and practical advice ready to help you grow and flourish.”

“I’ll help you reshape your life on a journey of self-discovery. Heal mind, body and soul, reveal new ways to cope with old patterns, break the cycle of heaviness and change perspective – or learn to become a compassionate, powerful shamanic healer. I’ll work in a way that empowers and energises you. From shamanic courses to breakthrough sessions, retreats, plant ceremonies and online workshops.”

“Now, more than ever, shamanism is freeing people up to be their true, confident and unstoppable selves, and it’s available to everyone. When it’s time to change, I’m ready when you are.”

I've travelled the world learning
from powerful, authentic sources.

Sacred Lineage Teachers

Sacred Male Teachers

Maestro Javier Arevalo Shahuano

Amazon Rainforest, Peru
Skie Hummingbird


Master Paqo Don Mariano Quispe , Don Sebastian, Don Hernan
Ausangate, Peru
Skie Hummingbird


Maestro Don Maximus
Chincherro, Peru
Maestro Puma Fredy Quispe Singona
Skie Hummingbird

Sacred Female Teachers

Lee Hilfiker
Wisconsin USA
Skie Hummingbird


Vianna Stibal
Montana USA
Skie Hummingbird


Eloxochitl Ivonne M. Buendia Sanchez  
Skie Hummingbird


Heatherash Amara
Skie Hummingbird


Red Hummingbird,
Director and Office Manager

Red keeps things running smoothly. He works alongside Skie making sure you always have a point of contact. He ensures your emails are answered, courses are booked, everything is spelt correctly and keeps everything in order at SunGate.

He was initially introduced to spirituality over 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until he met Skie in 2007 that he came to understand ancient wisdom and became immersed in a life of love, ancient culture, compassion, family and Amazonian ceremonies.

“I have loved my journey through the years with you guys at SunGate, I wouldn’t be who I am today without your assistance and guidance” 

– Isabel Ford, Student 

Along with Skie, Red has also received teachings and initiations from the peaks of the Andean Mountains and depths of the Amazon Rainforest, enabling a sacred relationship with tobacco and the plants of the forest. Initiated by Maestro Don Javier in 2018, Red holds a delightful ceremonial space and his love of music enhances the ceremonies.

Working with gongs, singing bowls and shamanic drums as a fully qualified sound therapist allows Red to hold sound healing events, taking people into a deep place of restorative wellbeing.

Red has a keen interest in wild survival bushcraft and has discovered a creative flow for making bows, shamanic drums, and leather work.

At SunGate, we strive to give back to the areas and cultures we’re connected to through donations to organisations and charities that support indigenous peoples, environments, wildlife and ecosystems.

Supporting Communities

World Land Trust

The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats. It funds the creation of reserves and provides permanent protection for habitats and wildlife. Habitat loss is the greatest threat facing wildlife worldwide and by protecting land we’re taking the best action to ensure a future for wildlife.

At SunGate, we’re part of the ‘Buy an Acre’ programme which means we purchase acres of land to create or extend protected areas, stopping under-threat habitats from being cleared for agriculture or development. This is a charity that is so close to our hearts.

To find out more about the World Land Trust, the work they’re doing and how you could donate, visit the World Land Trust website.

Supporting Communities

Amazonian Communities

At SunGate, we believe in building supportive, sacred relationships and that begins with giving back to those who have been a part of our journey and experiences in the Rainforest.

Through our retreats in Peru, we support a network of individuals by providing valuable work and clothing for local villagers and guides. As we explore and learn about the diverse wildlife, ancient tribes and breath-taking landscapes we make a positive impact on the local communities supported by our Amazon Jungle Tour Lodge (curuhuinsilodge.com) and Spiritual Dimensions Centre.

Supporting Communities

Curuhuinsi Lodge

SunGate is funding the current building of a new 20 person complex, which includes five 4-bed, ensuite bungalows resting peacefully in the Samiria Nature Reserve. Construction will be complete by June 2024 and has provided many villagers with regular work.  This complex, along with the original smaller complex, is owned by Gerson Pizango. Gerson, like so many others in Peru, has built his tour business from nothing upwards and SunGate has been a great support to his business along the way.

At Curuhuinsi Lodge, they believe in giving back too. 20% of all their profits are reinvested into the local village, providing essential resources, such as education, food and healthcare.

By coming along to one of our retreats, you embark on an incredible adventure and support the sustainable development of communities in the rainforest.

Making a difference in the world, one person at a time.

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