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Amazon Rainforest Peru 2024


Points to know 


Some things you will need to consider:  

The Ayahuasca diet in the jungle is strict and food throughout the trip is basic and mainly vegetarian. People with strict Vegan diets tend to struggle as there are no protein vegan alternatives. It is a full detox diet and one that cleanses and clears you. 

The accommodation in the jungle is very basic, you sleep in a large hut building separated into shared rooms, no internet, no TV, very limited four-hour daily electricity!  No hot running water, only cold showers, and no sugar or coffee!  No deluxe beds and ensuite. 

We are staying in the rainforest, which is full of wildlife of all sizes and shapes, these often encroach in your sleeping quarters. Some of these creatures and insects are not always friendly, so you will learn not to touch them!  



Taking part in five ayahuasca ceremonies, one every other night is a lot to processs.


Accommodation is shared, no personal rooms available. 

There are mosquitoes and it's hot and humid. 

You will be in Peruvian time, and the local environment and their ways of thinking, remember this…

Disappointment often clouds the magic of a trip, so be patient with people and yourself.

Things happen when they happen…  No impatient westerner demands are accepted as polite. We may be in the Amazon, but life delivers when it delivers here, not in 24hrs at a click of your fingers. Its the Amazon rainforest, not Amazon prime. 

On the upside it’s incredibly beautiful and peaceful and you won’t care that it hasn’t got internet and TV. It's extremely magical, and you are privileged to stay in nature this way and its a gift to your life. memories of a lifetime are made here and the people we meet are always family friendly and loving. The people of the Amazon have massive hearts.  

They have amazing tasting honey and there is something incredible about watching nature. The hummingbirds and dragonflies alone are magnificent to watch.  

Our lives have been greatly enriched every time we’ve been to the Amazon and stayed at Maestro Don Javier’s.  The Wildlife centre has always been a special place to stay in the Pacaya Samiria Nature reserve. It's bursting with wildlife. 

You are responsible for all substances that you partake in and at no time will SunGate Ltd or Maestro Don Javier be held responsible for your experiences on Plant medicine. You enter this trip as an adult of your own free will and agree to partake in ceremonies, both plant and ritual based and agree to terms of payments and costs involved. 


We highly recommend people book themselves an extra night in Iquitos, around the Plaza de Armas main square at the end of the trip to accustom themselves back to some normality before returning home.. It’s a great hustle and bustle place to do some sacred shamanic shopping and grab a burger.  


The food at the wildlife centre is  ( the diet begins when we arrive at Don Javiers land) and often contains hunted meat and good vegetarian options. It also includes water, coffee and teas. 

We encourage everyone to take some donation gifts for children of the village/ tribes to help them and show gratitude for their care of the rainforest. Usually colouring pencils, books in Spanish/colouring books or paints. Balls, frisbees  other similar stimulation toys. 

Join us in the Jungle 

This upcoming June 2024 Trip 

TEL: 07595025618

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