At SunGate, we are dedicated to continuously improving our offerings. In our commitment to ongoing growth and excellence, Red is seeking to elevate his gong therapy proficiency by pursuing additional qualifications. To fulfill this requirement, he is seeking volunteers to participate in 36 case studies for gong bath therapy sessions.

Join us in supporting Red’s journey as he hones his skills and provides transformative gong sound therapy experiences. Your participation will not only contribute to Red’s professional development, but also offer you the opportunity to experience the profound benefits of gong therapy firsthand.

Sessions are held at Wyncot, Hastingleigh, Kent TN25 5HE.

This will be a 90-minute in person session, allocated following a quick health assessment.

It will include form assessment’s, an hour gong therapy session and deliver feedback immediately following the session and a follow up feedback one week later.

You can receive up to 3 free sessions.

Full details given after booking your interest.

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Email Red to arrange a convenient time and date  allocation

Gong Sound Therapy.

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