About Us

 Shamanism and Cacao 

Here at SUNGATE, we like to keep things simple. We bring fresh inspiration and new hope to the often chaotic world we live in. 

Through authentic, natural wisdom teachings, lots of cacao, connected healing, love and massage. We then add the wisdom we received from the far corners of the world to bring acceptance and joy into your life.


We specialize in creating space where people can unwind, release, flourish and discover for themselves a whole new way of being. 

We make time to listen; we offer support, help with overcoming obstacles in life and encouragement for big changes to feel effortless.


We understand that life is not always easy and that people can become despondent, feel lost and alone due to stress, overworking and trauma leading them into unhealthy choices and feelings of being stuck. At SunGate, we don't judge, we offer inspiration, healing, cacao and an alternative way of thinking and practical help to restore your faith in humanity and the magic of life. 


We create space in the magnificent Kent Countryside and make time for you, allowing you freedom to be your true self.


The time of a new world is emerging and we like to feel we are making a difference, 1 person at a time.


Showing you a world of endless possibilities is our gift to you. 

Bringing Cacao to everyone, the raw chocolate that works as an uplifting, nourishing gift from nature.


Sungate Team 

Skie Hummingbird 

Skie is the heart and soul of SUNGATE and her work is highly regarded by all as amazing and life changing.


Skie is very passionate about life and she offers a welcoming, friendly, professional and empowering service to all, often helping to make difficult and life-altering decisions seem easy. Her wisdom comes from a deep grounded place and her ability to see things from all angles gives her a brilliant perspective on life.

Red Hummingbird

Red is the first point of contact and known as the smile of SunGate.

He keeps things running smoothly


Working alongside Skie and doing a lot of the background work, Red is the office manager for SunGate and ensures your emails are answered, courses are booked, everything is spelt correctly  and keeps things in order 

More importantly keeps Skie on track.


Contact Us

Sungate Ltd 





Tel: 07595025618

Email: sungate@live.co.uk

SunGate Ltd
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