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At SunGate, we can open up the infinite possibilities of your life. Train with us, liberate yourself and you can change your life beyond anything you can imagine.

From the rainforests of the Amazon to the high peaks of the Andes, we’ve walked the path and learnt from the source. We created the map for you to follow. Using the time-honoured wisdom and techniques of Shamanism, we’ll help you heal mind, body and soul, reveal new ways to cope with old patterns, change your perspective and break the cycle of heaviness in your life – or learn to become a compassionate, powerful shamanic healer.

We offer shamanic courses, breakthrough sessions, retreats, plant ceremonies and online workshops. Now, more than ever, shamanism is freeing people up to be their true, confident and unstoppable selves. When it’s time to change, we’re ready to guide you forward.


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Discover our abundance of offerings. From 1-to-1 healings and exploring medicine wheel teachings to restorative sound baths and shacapa workshops.

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From Rose Florida Water to Ceremonial Cacao Paste, indulge in our gifts of love. Choose you and be generous with yourself.

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