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About Us

 Great Shamanic Rebirth 


Bringing inspiration and new hope back into the world

We are about to launch our new website for Spring 2024, email us for any course dates you are interested in.  

Shamanism is no longer a path only for the few, its a path for the many and can be walked in an every day way of being, that enables you to flourish.

Through Authentic, Shamanic Wisdom which we received deep in the Amazon and from across the America's. Our teachings are direct from the source.  Andean mountain Wisdom keepers, Amazonian Masters, alongside Mexican shamans and North American tribals, are all Skie's direct teachers


You too can walk this shamanic path, implementing the teachings from Skie, bringing your light into the world.  

Bring shamanism into your life today

SunGate specialise in holding a sacred space for you to open and shine your light outwards. A connection to source.

 Our shamanic offerings are a place where people can remember who they are at the very core within them. Helping to find courage and an empowering

connection, especially to sacred nature.

A rebirth of unwinding, releasing, remembering, blossoming and living a

life of abundance.

Changing perspectives can change your entire relationship with the world around you and the world within you. 

At SunGate Ltd, we offer inspiration, healing, guidance and a more magical way of seeing life, accompanied by practical guidance to apply to regular daily life. We help restore your faith and bring people into alignment with the portals of a new life.


SunGate is your entrance to a world of infinite possibilities  

Helping you remember 

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If for any reason you feel unhappy with our products or services, please email us for a refund code. All products must be retuned within 14 days in original packaging. Refunds can take up to 28 days.

All our courses require deposits, these are non refundable and non transferable.

If you would like to speak to a customer care adviser please contact us at so we can arrange an agreeable time for a phone call. 

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