Skie Hummingbird Psy.D

Skie is the heart and soul of SUNGATE and her work is highly regarded by all as amazing and life changing.


Skie is very passionate about life and she offers a welcoming, friendly, professional and empowering service to all, often helping to make difficult and life-altering decisions seem easy. Her wisdom comes from a deep grounded place and her ability to see things from all angles gives her a brilliant perspective on life.


Skie is highly skilled and experienced in all her work. She studied extensively for years and received teachings from Shamanic Masters such as Eloxochitl Ivonne M. Buendia Sanchez from Mexico and Banco Maestro Javier Arevalo Shahuano from the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

Skie has receieved Mesa teachings and Initiations from the amazing Master Paqo Don Mariano Quispe, these include the Great Hatun Karpay and Q'oto Kuna Pleiades karpay and initiations from the Milky way energy belts.  The Pampamesayoq path that Skie now commits to allows her to receive teachings from Don Sebastian, Don Claudio  and Don Hanan,  all are true Serena Paqos decendants from the Inka


Skie's deep understanding of people and her advanced teaching qualifications in Reiki, Rahanni, Life Coaching and Psychic Studies.


+ Skie is the founder of the SunGate Medicine Wheel Gateway teachings. She has been involved with studying, evolving and teaching of the shamanic Gateways for over 18 years allowing her great sense of humour and fun to flow through the teachings whilst her sacred respect for the energies remains firmly in place. She has deep profound knowledge and experience in the shamanic arts specialising now in plant ceremonies and teaching. Skie loves to teach and when she does the room comes alive.


+ Skie is a full Power Mesa carrier and follows the path of the Peruvian Pampamesayoq. She has permission from Don Mariano Quispe to share the Q'otoKuna karpay and Milky way energy belts.


+ Skie is qualified as an Advanced Sundoor Fire Walking Instructor and holds life changing firewalks.


+ Skie was honoured as a Pipe Carrier and Sweat Lodge Holder by a respected Shaman from North America.


+ Skie has great experience in healings which she received in the Amazon rainforest after becomming ill with rheumatoid arthritus. Skie excels in Currandera healing and is now recognised as a Maestra (Master) Currendera by the people & tribes within the rainforest.


+ Skie is a knowledgable Teacher of Shacapa Healing using her skills learnt during her trips to the Amazon rainforest over the last 10 yrs to heal using the Shacapa rattle and sacred songs to clear the body of emotional and phsical blockages


+ Skie is a Qualified Spiritual Life Coach and Psychic studies teacher with Mediumship training and has a deep connection to Spirit.


+ Skie offers 1 to 1 healing and  sacred Despacho ceremony work to bring balance (Ayni) back to situations.  


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Life was not always such a happy event for me and I feel it is important to show you who and where I was before I found the strength to ask for help and make changes.


25 years ago my deep unhappiness in life led me to a twisted downward path of drugs and alcohol. I was very unhappy with my life and myself. I was physically and emotionally ill and was making bad choices in life. I had little self worth and no confidence and allowed men to physically, mentally and emotionally abuse me with no self-respect for myself, I didnt know how to find any happiness. I am not proud of all this but I am open and honest about my past because it was all that deep unhappiness that lead me to finally make changes into a new amazing shamanic way of life.


All I wanted was to be happy, I just did not know how or where to begin. I remember thinking, 'There must be more to life than this'. I then found the strength to end yet another failed relationship/marriage and after a time of deep sadness and feeling very lost and alone with the struggle of having no money and being a single parent of 4 children I began to slowly change my life.  Taking just one step at a time by receiving Shamanic Treatments and Teachings and giving up alcohol and changing the way i lived. Through these changes which were often very difficult and challenging to make I am today celebrating life and happily married to a wonderful man, Red. There were many times i became overwhelmed by the enormity of what was ingrained in me that needed changing,  but i slowely persevered.

I took massive leaps of faith and "frowned" upon chances but it always came through because i believed I was worth a better life.  

My children now all grown up have benefitted greatly from the changes I made and we all live a relaxed stess free life as a beautiful family. I now focus on specialising in shamanic treatments & teachings, holding events and workshops and personal breakthrough sessions to help make a difference to others in blocked situations.        Anything is possible if you believe you can.


Skie's Story

Bringing you a world of New Hope


Alongside her Mastery of Shamanism, Fire walking and initiation into a powerful Maestra accompanied by Pampamesayoq curandera training allow her to give a deep heartfelt, non-judgemental, spiritual yet grounded and practical approach to all situations, healings and classes.

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