Shamanic treatments are a powerful process to undertake helping to re-connect us to our inner spirit and to live a fulfilling stress life.


Shamans believe there are only 3 causes of dis-harmony and illness in the body. 


1.DISHARMONY, when we become out of Ayni and relationship with ourselves and then the world around us  


2. FEAR, life presents us with many situations where lack and fear hold us hostage , fear hides behind dissapointment which blocks creativity


3.SOUL LOSS, when experiences of trauma or stress impact as a loss of essence, feeling of "loosing oneself "  


Skie's Shamanic healing works primarily on these 3 levels and enables  deep emotional level, releasing and freeing you from the past. Overcoming unexpressed emotions and dissapointment due to daily stress of life,     can


£80 per Treatment


often be the key to healing relationships, illness and diagnosed conditions.



Getting to the root of the problem quickly Skie's work extensively focuses on rebuilding yourself into a grander version. Soul-loss, power-loss, intrusions & dis-empowerment of men and women are common problems in todays world.


Skie's healing is of an exceptional very high standard as she has studied with many masters from around the world.


All of the Shamanic healing techniques at SUNGATE are tailored to the individual’s needs and Skie often combine's different ceremonies and healing modes together. She uses her amazing knowledge of Peruvian, Amazonian, North American and Mexican Shamanism to form a full course of treatment, optimizing for the best possible outcome for the client.


Often a series of at least 3 treatments is required for real recovery and deep realisations.


Shamanic Treatments

Shamanic Treatments

Making space for change