Yagua Tribe

Yagua Tribe

Amazon Rainforest Retreat

Amazon Rainforest Retreat

SUNGATE is looking to lead another group into the rainforest of Peru on a sacred journey of Transformation, Discovery and Adventure this year.


For the 10th year running we are leading another wonderful trip to the Amazon Rainforest.


Red and I will be heading out to the rainforest in June 2018 and October 2018 to work with our teacher, so we are seeing if anyone would like to join us, meet our Medicine teacher, Maestro Don Javier and receive teachings and healing from him in the rainforest. This truly is a magical opportunity and every time we return to the rainforest we are blessed to receive so much more than we ever anticipated.


Led by Maestra Skie Hummingbird and Red alongside Maestro Banco Don Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Curandera Jessica.



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We include all sacred ceremonies with plants, food, accomodation and healings and teachings, transfers and love.

We have limited spaces available. £1850


Flights and  meals on last 1 night stay not included .

Our next reteat to Peru will be 2021

Staying at the rainforest centre in the jungle, we will all be taking part in 5 Ayahuasca plant ceremonies, working with genuine indigenous Shamans and Curanderos, meet tribes like the Yagua and Bora, receive healing and teachings and learn to connect back to ourselves and come into relationship with nature.

These trips are organic and raw and full of surprises. But the jungle adventure doesn't stop there, in fact we just got warmed up... We will be heading up the Amazon River by boat to Monkey Island, a small rescue centre where you can hold and cuddle Orphaned Monkeys with the opportunity to maybe see the rare pink dolphins of the Amazon.


We will be seeking the sacred "Leche de Madre" (Mothers Milk) Tree and drinking from her to nurture ourselves back to receiving love.


Releasing ourselves from trauma, stress and daily hardships we discover a sense of peace that comes from unity, healing, medicine and the jungle. This trip is up close and personal in many ways and we will be submersed into the jungle in its entirety from plants to wildlife.


The October 2018 retreat has an additional 4 day Amazon Dolphin and wildlife adventure  added on.