The Milka Wayu Rites (Q'oto karpay Rites)


The Wilka Mayu Karpay were gifted to Skie from Don Mariano Quispe Flores who is one of the few remaining Andean priests from the few greatest wisdom carriers on the planet, the Q'ero people.  The ancient Q’ero community live high in the mountains above Cusco Peru and have remained the keepers of the last Earth and Star wisdom keepers, direct descendants from the Mayan people.



In the Andes, the River of Stars (Milky Way) is understood to be a celestial mirror of the Wilka Mayu (Sacred River) in the Sacred Valley of Peru.


At the age of 84 Don Mariano Quispe Flores was happy to pass these rites on to Skie, so she could pass them to others. It is important he said that these ancient ways, Rites and knowledge are not lost and must be respected and passed to people who will carry the seeds of these truly magnificent bands within them into the world.


You will receive attunements and star aligned energy in your nawis (known as chakras)  to bring the flow of the cosmic star energies and archetypes into balance allowing you to renew yourself and raise the vibration of your auric field and the energies of those around you.  These sacred Rites of passage will bring you into harmony with the ancient teachings from the Andean traditions and connect you both to the Earth and the stars.




The 1st Rite (Serpent) Mach'ajway



The 2nd Rite (Golden Cat) Choquechinchay



The 3rd Rite (Toad) Hampatu




Skie will bring the light of each seeded archetype into your energy centres to help you fully step into a new future. They will help you to recreate your energetic or auric bands and raise your frequency level. This is especially important as we emerge from an old system of living into a new one. Often the old energies linger and contaminate in our energy field and fight the new alignment we seek.

We often have a hard time moving forward in life and living from our heart and soul. With the help of these Karpay Rites you will be given the support in each aspect of your life and a new and brighter future, not only for yourself, but for those you come in contact with, as well as Pachamama (Mother Earth). Literally, your body and each chakra will be like a temple that receives this sacred energy  You will then become a beacon of light that shines in the world, with renewed purpose and sense of well-being.


This will be a beautiful Day of heartfelt love allowing Skie to gift these rites from the ancient medicine people of Peru to you.


This workshop is open to everyone and is a great way to connect deeply to the Andean traditions and to forward these rites to others to keep the teachings and wisdom alive


The investment for this Day workshop is £120, deposit £60        10am - 7pm







Conneting you to the star nations



The 5th rite (Baby LIama) Urkuchillay



The 6th rite (Condor) Kuntur



The 7th rite (Milky Way) Wilka Mayu





The 4th rite (LIama)  Qatachillay


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The Wilka Mayu Karpay (Milky Way Karpay Rites)

The Wilka Mayu Karpay (Milky Way Karpay Rites)

Milky Way