We recognise that illness and stress affect not only your physical, but also your emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing, we can help to improve all of these together.


In today’s hustle and bustle world of work, shopping, family and travel, people often get bogged down by the everyday stresses of life. We seldom take the time to relax and unwind fully. As time goes by these stresses build up in your bodies and manifest as physical dis-ease.

Only when we fully let go can we allow healing to take place and allow the body to re-inform itself into well being


By taking some time-out for yourself and recieving a massage you can relieve the symptoms of stress, tension and illness, and help your body to perform at its optimum efficiency.




Massage SUNGATE offers:


Holistic Massage


Deep Tissue Massage


Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Investment between £40-£80


Red is a fully proffesional, qualified and insured massage therapist.

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Relax and release