The Hatun Karpay Rites

The Hatun Karpay Rites


The Hatun Karpay are a unique and high vibrational set of initiation Rites passed down for many generations through the Q'ero priests in the Andes. During a 3 yr apprenticeship, Skie recieved the rites direct from the Paq'o Andean Priests and was given permission to pass these rites to her students and other mesa carriers.

These rites offer a clear and flowing path into the future.


The world needs us all to play our part and answer the call inside us.


These initiations are given in 3 parts, usually 6 months apart allowing time for full integration.


Dedicated students can recieve all 3 over the course of 1 year allowing them to step up the pace for their inner work.


The first rite is the Munay Karpay


This is a pure cleansing of the heart, both the temples within you and within your mesa. The Khuya's are linked to the seeds you carry in your heart . The Munay Karpay connects deeply to that of the Hummingbird which will guide you and awaken the sweetness of the heart. It ignites a love and compassion for Pacha mamma. It is a powerful rite to receive and will deep cleanse your temples witin the heart, all that it is not serving your heart to be fully open will be held up and opened for release.


It connects you deeply to the stars above and allows you to begin the journey of following your heart no longer bound or restricted.


You will journey through 9 Temple gates during your integration


Temple of Joy


Temple of Sadness


Temple of Humility


Temple of Hope


Temple of Anger


Temple of Ego


Temple of Harmony


Temple of Sweetness


Temple of Wisdom



The initiation process of each rite takes 2-3 hrs

The 3 Rites

The second rite is the visionary rite, known as Yanchay  


The yanchay cleanses and opens the third eye and allows you to see clearly your future and the path ahead opening. It is the connection to the Condor, the eagle and sometimes the owl.


These powerful bird guides offer protection and will guide you into a better future.


It enables future knowledge to be gained about choices you have made or are making and increases a sixth sense.  Once received and opened it allows for better choices and psychic knowing to be obtained. Inner reflection and silence work which accompanies this rite will allow the temple of wisdom to be opened in your mesa deepening its ability to work with you.



The third initiation Karpay rite is the power rite, known as  LIankay 


The LIankay is what completely opens your true path and allows you to fully become one with your destiny and fulfil your divine purpose.


It cleanses everything from your path that is draining your power especially stresses and heavy energy and releases with it any fear stored. It is deeply connected to the jaguar and the puma and is all about inner power so you can heal and transform.


This rite anchors you to the centre of the universe, opening temples within you to awaken your full power and ground you,  to that power.


The Temple of the sun will be installed in your mesa and like the sun it will store power for you to use when you need it. It opens wisdom and knowledge temples so that you can manifest in action what you need to fulfil your purpose here on earth.


It reconnects to your umbilical cord of life and channels you back to your origins and purpose. It’s connected to a higher light from the heavens from where we originated before we came to be physically born.  


The Pampamesayoq awakening

You will receive a flower bath before receiving the rites and have a hucha cleanse.


The rites are then transmitted to you with my Khuya's and Mesa.

Opening portals and calling in energies to your Nawis spread across your body to allow the gateways to be opened and recieved.


You will need to bring a Khuya (stone)  to represent the heart/vision/power gateway depending on the rite, which you will keep for integration work.


After the rites have been transmitted you will need to stay at my home for half an hour, ideally meditating.

The entire process will be 2-3 hrs



The investment of these rites will be £220 each

All 3 over 1 year for £600 paid in advance


The rites must be transmitted in sequence


The rites not only open gateways and portals in you they also open portals and gateways within your mesa, allowing it to deepen your work in the 3 worlds Ukhupacha-Kaipacha-Hanaqpacha


This is fantastic and essential addition to your spiritual path


Receiving the rites

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