Overthinking food


Is it just me ?


Confused by food, and spiritualism, me too. Tired of being monitored about what we should be eating and the conflict between so-called nutrition and spiritualism, me too. In fact I am exhausted trying to decide what is seen as right, what is actually right, what is consciously and spiritually right and what my body feels is right, and just so you know, all four of them have different answers. And then there is what my body craves, what my friends think is right, what FB thinks is right and what the whole new global vegan craze thinks is right! WTF.


What the fuck are we all doing to others and ourselves when it comes to food? I feel this is consuming most of my day, checking every ingredient on bottles and packets and then checking in with my spiritual consciousness, which is also playing a role in this. I prefer gluten free because it bloats me if I eat too much but not everything gluten free is good for me. Sad part is I crave the gluten filled food items, like bread, oh I love fresh bread but my body says no.



This is battle number one for me.



Battle number two is that I have come to realise my main topic of conversation these days is FOOD. All my close friends now talk about it. People I meet talk about it, as we are all so flipping obsessed with food and what we think is right or healthy!



Talking about food is worse than talking about the weather.  

Overthinking food

I’ve battled with my weight, food and acceptance of being large all my life and here I am 45 years on talking about nothing but food, SHUT UP SKIE!




Every article I read is about food or veganism or where a product comes from or whether it is a single origin. Single origin I think means less transportation costs but it’s probably an advertising blag and it’s probably still some poor underpaid family making it in a third world country miles from here, but it seems to be a good buzz advertising word now along with vegan and pressed raw.



Then there is organic and natural, which are two different things by the way! And let’s not forget FREE FROM… I don’t feel free from anything. In fact I feel tied up in knots about it all. Then there is low salt, low sugar, low fat, it’s endless and now bacon comes in outdoor bred, barn raised or Nitrate free.


The spiritual communities also have a vegan vs. meat eater, save the planet battle. Spiritual people are now dictating what the rest of the world should be eating so we can save the planet. And yes, I feel a few more meat free meal nights would be good for people and I presume all these vegan, planet saving people have switched their energy suppliers to all green carbon neutral, like we did, or maybe not. I always get a strange look when I say I am NOT a vegan, or vegetarian.


I eat meat, but it’s usually all organic, or wild, fresh and of course gluten free…LOL.  



Except on battle number three, which is take away night.



I like to think I am a little conscious being, who has some deep spiritual beliefs and I sometimes help people along in life to find purpose and clarity. But it’s hard work being spiritually aware these days, and as for clarity, well I can hardly think myself clearly around a supermarket. You are what you eat they say, well I am probably pretty good then but my mind has been frazzled doing the shopping and I am probably heading for a heart attack through stress.

It doesn’t stop with food because products and clothes are next in line and I just cannot imagine how difficult it will get, it’s already begun with a badger hair shaving brush but that’s another story.



I think it’s great we have choice and I think we actually have way too much choice and the food market, just like the Internet has become saturated. It’s so saturated everyone has forgotten to tap into their own intuition and is now being swayed by beliefs and opinions and buzz words and advertising which can be for people like me who are genuinely seeking to do my best, very stressful.


The spiritual communities are also becoming divided about food, we all stood united when the opening of the spiritual energies arrived many years ago, but the divide is creeping in.


We eat mainly fresh and I am fortunate to be able to buy nice food but I pray for a day when it becomes simpler. We buy fresh products and we cook from scratch most days, but even now I find myself examining the gravy box or stock cubes for ingredients, yeast isn’t good, gluten, wheat, sugar etc. etc.



Is this just me, or are we all driving ourselves insane??


Is it just me or are we all spiritually and nutricially in conflict ??


Is it just ME ?


I am officially exhausted thinking about FOOD.

What we wear, where products come from and what the ingredients are?

what life it has lead?

Is it vegan?

Is it single origin?

Is it organic?

Is it wild caught?

Or natural?

line and pole hooked?

Is it low salt?

low fat?

High in polyunsaturates and omega 3 oils

Or low sugar?

Is it vegetarian?

Chemical free?

Paraben free?

Not tested on animals?

Is it fair trade?

Grain free?

Is it free from?

Is it gluten free?

Diary free?

Sugar free?

Wheat free?

GMO free?


The only thing I would like to be free from is all this food confusion and exhaustion.


No wonder I’ve got no energy for the gym.


And is there a product that is all 21?


(c) Skie Hummingbird 2018

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