Thoughts and words

Tree hugging sml

I have been a frequent visitor to the sungate family, with each step of my journey I have been held in complete love and understanding.

The ongoing support after courses have ended has been incredible, I cant recomend them enough!


Lotus Flower    

'Sungate has provided some of the most life changing, important, profound and incredible experiences of my life- from personal healings to shamanic training.


I trust Skie and Red wholeheartedly and couldn't recommend them enough!'  



The search was over when I first stepped into Sungate and was greeted with Reds smile and hug. I'd never been to the house before but it felt like home, I wasn't even sure what I wanted to heal or learn but after one session was Skie I knew I'd found a real (so real) teacher I was going to learn from.


I have grown and shed so much with Sungate and would strongly recommend to anyone looking to develop on spiritual path or heal themselves. Skie and Red will guide and support you without judgement and a lot of love. xxx


Hassan Hassan    

My experience with Sungate has directed me to deep personal change and a way of light, love and forgiveness. So very grateful to have come across Skie, Red and the Sungate community as the most positive experiences have happened since I started participating in healing and shamanic training.


Sungate will help you uncover the power and beauty within you that you might not have known existed as it did for me.

Thank you!! xx




I was absolutely terrified the first time I entered the Hummingbird house. I had become completely disconnected and isolated from the world around me after years of self-destructive behavioural and relationship patterns. I felt utterly disempowered.


I was put at ease straight away by Skie and Red's warmth, openness, love and understanding.


It is now 2.5 years later and under Skie's guidance I have completed the medicine wheel and am now following my soul purpose and bringing healing to others. I cannot thank the Hummingbirds enough. They live in a house of pure magic and joy and extend that to all who enter into it.

They also give the best hugs of anyone I know.



Cat  Stevens   



Thank you so much, for the most life changing experience of this existence we call, life on earth.


Since my training and to be honest ever since I met Skie I began to shift into patterns of understanding and what I believe to be higher states of consciousness. There has been so much to even begin to put into words. I can only say how much more expansive I feel, in myself and in my life, that I can’t quite even remember what it was like before that.


The teachings and knowledge that I have found through Skie and her expertise is just beyond words. It is life changing and I feel my intellect has grown as well as my connection with energies.

The only way to explain it properly is, I used to feel lost and knew I was searching for something... I have found what I needed and much, much more.


Bless you Skie, I thank you, I love you.

All is one  


Clare Juliette Chater

My experiences at Sungate have changed the way I think about life - and, perhaps more importantly, about myself. The courses and workshops are delivered with great love, wisdom, compassion and humour.


The magical herb weekend has been one of the real highlights for me - a wonderful opportunity to tap into traditional plant medicine in a very practical (and fun) way.

Thank you for everything, Skie and Red.



Charlotte Haigh    

Sungate guided me through the most challenging period of my life.

After 3 years of unexplained depression and having tried counselling, medication, meditation, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, amatsu and reiki unsuccessfully, I finally found the answers to why I had been so low and a path to heal. In addition to this Skie and her assistants teachings and healings have allowed me to connect back to who I really am by peeling away years of social conditioning enabling me to fully express my unique gifts with the world.


The space that Skie and Red create is so loving and nourishing that I would recommend them whole heartedly to anyone and I hope to continue my development with them well into my future.



Mark Dallimore  

"Working through the Peruvian Archetypes with Skie at Sungate has been transformational for me. Learning about and understanding my patterns of behaviour and breaking links with the past has given me a new lease of life.


The courses have been taught with compassion and humour and I will be eternally (probably, actually, eternally) grateful for the opportunity I have had to study with Skie and change my life for the better."


Much love,


Cate Clare

Thoughts and words