Accommodation is offered with a variation

of choice and investments.


There are eight indoor opportunities in shared twin bedrooms.

There is a huge yurt shared with four beds.


Other options:


Bring your own tent camping.


Attend the retreat without accommodation,

recommended for people living in France only.

Similar to a mandala each one created is unique and hand made specificaly for the individual with love. The despacho then becomes a living prayer that brings powerful energy shifts and healing, balance and harmony.


The despacho holds symbolic elements, of usually a biodegradable nature, and the prayers of the participants. The natural elements are added to the despacho, whilst encased with love and prayers. All the while a strong focus remains on the issue in question.

Tangible offerings enhance the feelings and intentions of our prayers and are of great importance when bringing balance and harmony to our lives. 

Suggested offerings include sugar and sweets, corn and other grains, rice, coca leaves (or whatever herbs or small leaves are readily available), flowers, incense, money, salt, feathers, beans, colourful yarn, and any other item that is significant to the occasion. 

Humility and gratitude, and an open heart are important throughout the ceremony and will ensure that you experience more grace in your life by becoming a better vessel for Anyi.


Each despacho is created uniquely for each individual situation, brought by you to Skie. They can be both healing and powerful both in the process of creation and in the offering to either water, burial in the earth or through transformation of fire.  Once the offering is made harmony and balance is brought back to the situation and healing takes place on many levels. 


Despachos can be made either jointly with a client present or created by Skie on a client’s behalf if the client is unable to attend. 


Despachos work in a deep and beautiful way and energetically connect for anyone in the world. 


Despachos can be posted to distant clients in the UK for them to dispatch themselves. Additional costs incurred for courier postage.

Despacho Offerings Investment £80



Using plant ceremonies, the power of the land and unique shamanic practices, we will help you rise to

achieve more than you ever thought possible from yourself.


This is an opportunity for you to discover, through your own experience, that you are far more powerful than you realise,

and to understand your own ancient Fire Mystery

and ignite your inner flame.


Phoenix Retreat

Phoenix Retreat


SunGate is offering another wonderful opportunity

for 14 beautiful souls to join us on our

‘Phoenix Rising Retreat’


Held in the spectacular countryside of France.


30TH JUNE -8TH JULY 2020


Spending eight full days set in 25 hectares of stunning natural beauty near the Pyrenees, you will be submersed into a shamanic world of plants, discovery, love, land and empowerment.

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The Phoenix Rising is all about renewal, overcoming blockages and rising to the challenge.

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