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Creating space and making time .....

Just for you.

Creating space and making time .....

Anything is possible when you believe

SUNGATE Shamanic Training.


These Gateways of Shamanic initiation are designed so that each person can travel their own journey in stages of growth and development at their own pace.


We help you discover the individual Shaman within you, not by rules, dis-empowerment and suffering but with love, initiation and non-judgement. Shamanism is evolving as a beautiful path in life where we can remember ourselves and be in relationship with nature.


Making it Happen


Our medicine training consists primarily of teachings from throughout Peru and from the Qero, but also include initiations and ceremonies from North America and Mexico.

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Just for you.

Anything is possible when you believe


Here at SUNGATE, we like to bring fresh inspiration and new hope to the often chaotic world we live in.

Through authentic, natural shamanic teachings, shamanic healing, massage and wisdom we received from the far corners of the world, we specialize in creating space where people can let go, release, flourish and discover for themselves a whole new way of being.

We make time to listen; we offer support, help with overcoming obstacles in life and encouragement for big changes to feel effortless.


We understand that life is not always easy and that people can become despondent, feel lost and alone due to stress, overworking and trauma leading them into unhealthy choices and feelings of being stuck. At SunGate, we don't judge, we offer inspiration, healing, an alternative way of thinking and good old fashioned love to help restore your faith in humanity and the magic of life.


We create space and make time for you, allowing you freedom to be your true self.


The time of a new world is emerging and we like to feel we are making a difference, 1 person at a time.


Showing you a world of endless possibilities is our gift to you.

Love Skie and Red xxx

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